Who am I ?

Semi-nomad, my current life is a journey through France and Europe meeting Women and Men who wish to evolve towards a form of authenticity and autonomy, thanks to practices like intuitive Coaching, Neoshamanism and Tantra, to which I bring my color.

My former fourty years of life offered me the achievement of a diploma from the engineering european in material science school and a first career’s path at a rapid pace in the fascinating world of the automotive industry during almost a decade.
Then, they enabled me to stand on my own feet in looking towards the entrepreneurship. For the four following years I have been explored various skills and professions. Among them appeared the Universe of wellness. Not as pink as expected. However that pace brought me to other ones.
That sparked an old desire in initiating others life’sphilosophies. I decided to experience intensively for 5 months nomadism, Taï-chi, shamanism, taoïsm & tantrism… On the completion of my learning period, nomadism, shamanism and tantrism resonated naturally with me. I added Coaching session as well.

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« Interview of Eric LAFONTAINE by Méditation France »

I’ve been immediatly excited by the non-dual way of Tantra and I tame it every day with happiness and fulfillement ! My tantric way is strongly influenced by my encounters, workshops, seminars and readings of book among masters like Daniel ODIER and Eric BARET, sprinkled with a small Osho’s touch and captured by the goddess Francesca KRIM. And I discover now the ancient and sacred texts.

My Life rythm has slowed down considerably and I discovered the pleasure of slowness and vibration. I started to practice Yoga as well and I enjoy it.

Tantra transformed and reinforced my supported relationship with Women. I accompagnied them towards their blooming thanks to a tantric way.

I created « Un tantra à Paris » in 2013 in order to accompagny in a first instance the Women of the World in Paris towards their blooming. Second the Men. With an holistic approach, integrating the totality of the being (body, psyche, emotions, spiritual). Nowadays I accompagny also the awake of the Couple.

I wish therefore to keep the quality and the essence of the tantric traditional teaching and to adapt it to our daily contemporary life.

Let’s meet each other !