2018/07/31 – Luna – tantric Kashmir massage

"I experienced my journey like I was everything and nothing as the same time. Your way of guiding was incredible. You reminded me and you made me live in a face-to-face way to be the Cosmos and Nothing at the same time. I remembered my ability to be what I want. From a baby plant to a galaxy... Read more

2018/06/03 – Leonard – tantric Kashmir massage

"An incredible Cashmere and Tantric massage - sensational! Eric’s deep approach draws on the great and wise Eastern traditions. With his wonderful expertise as a masseur he treats the whole person, not just the body, and was very sensitive to my expectations and desires, talking with me ... Read more

2017/04/03 – Layla – tantric Kashmir massage

"Eric shared with me the cashmere massage and I had no idea what to expect. I benefitted deeply not just during the massage but much more later. It's been 6 months and I still feel massage doing its magic in my mind n body. I felt very safe and supported through out our time together. Felt free Read more