Some Women and some Men took the liberty of sharing their experience with“Un tantra à Paris”.

This Guestbook is free platform dedicated to Women and to Men…
by Women and Men…
towards Women and Men… for Women and Men…

Let yourself be guided by the the pleasure of reading.

I thank you, Women and Men that I accompagny, because you allow me to experience outstanding moments as well as to evolve,
personally and in my practice.

With much gratitude for that.


2018/11/24 – Catherine

"It was my first experience attending a tantric day. I was curious and at the same time I was sure that I would love it. I practiced mantras, meditations, tantric meal, breathe, emotions, visualization and massages exercices very well guided by Éric. I was ... Lire la suite

2020/01/17 – Agnès

"Thank you for listening to me and for that deep conversations we had, that help me to grow by my relationship that I want with the Man." Agnès, Paris Lire la suite

18/31/10-02/11 – Michèle

"How difficult it is to write down a testimony about the days that Eric shared with me at home at the end of October… Where am I supposed to start ? It seems so easy but at the same time so dense, rich, intense, able to transform…?? First of all, there was the ... Lire la suite

2019/06/27 – Eva

"The Yoni was part of the rest of my body by being touched the session. I did not feel it as dissociated from it. And there was no sexual intention by concentrating on that area of the Yoni. Moreover, magnificent vibrations passed through my whole body. There was a Lire la suite

2018/02/17 – Isabelle

“I wish to thank Éric for the workshop Mantra and Meditation held in Paris. Your concern coupled with all the wise words that were expressed by the practice allowed me to find the way of the inner peace, of the serenity and of wellness. Also thank you for ... Lire la suite

2017/10/19 – Françoise

"It was very easy to locate the unpleasant or painful sensations in my physical body. They were directly linked to mental tensions. I was back again to the moral pain that smothered me the last few months. I tried first of all to push away and to repulse that pain. Lire la suite

2016/11/21 – Martial

"I have been friendly welcome and taught about the schedule of the workshop. I discovered thanks to Eric to "let go" by meditating. The muscular tensions in my shoulders as well as in my body disappeared little by little. Afterwards I felt very relaxed but I really Lire la suite