I discovered the principle of Abondance not long ago. I rejoice in maintaining it since.
Indeed I want to live entirely the Abundance in all its forms whatever the season.

Surrounding wealth

I believe that living in Abundance means first of all to be aware of the wealth that surrounds us, in terms of oxygen, of food, of water, of equipment, of stuff, of landscapes, of colours, of perfumes, of sounds, of tastes, of meetings, of relationships, of love, of money…
Let’s observe around us.
Everything is already here, everything is already present. For example, we can breathe, drink, eat, touch, observe, listen, taste, smell, feel, build, share…
The Nature itself is good example of permanent Abundance, isn’t it ?
And we are already the beneficiaries.

Listen, be inside the exchange

According to me, once we listen to, we become capable of exchanging and benefit from the Abundance.
My definition of the verb exchange would be want to Offer and accept to Receive. To welcome Life as a gift. To live here and now.

I offer my presence to the bird. I welcome its song.
I offer my hands to the river of a glass to the tap. I welcome the water.
I offer my skin, my J’offre ma peau, mes nostrils, my mouth to the atmosphere. I welcome the air.

We already live in the Abundance. We are part of the mecanism. So we maintain it.
And we are capable of creating it. Of creating our own Abundance.
By verifying our needs and by satisfying them in conscience.

I offer a smile to a passerby. I welcome its feedback, whatever it is.
I offer a touching to a well known or unknown skin. I welcome the touch.
I offer money in exchange for a service or an object. I welcome the service or the object.

So I contribute to the cycle of Abundance that everybody benefits.
Because I am also convinced that we distribute the Abundance around us thanks to conscious acts by cultivating and by maintaining our own Abundance.
It is up to you to surrender, to trust, to open our heart and to enjoy.

Financial Energy

I consider now the money as a financial energy that participates also in the Abundance while it flows. Exchange money in conscience for a service or an object means to honor it and to respec yourself. The more you are aware of the exchange, the more you feel it as a gain. To live in the AbUndance means to be the first beneficiaries, to invest in ourself, in our personal growth.
To invest in ourself participates in our own Abundance.

I encourage you to listen to your environment and to your desires, to offer what it is right for you in conscience and with your heart.
I invite you to be happy when you offer some money in exchange for a service or an object.
I urge you to become aware in that manner that you participate also in the flow of the financial energy and therefore to the general Abundance.

We are completely free to choose how according to our desires and our needs.

What about you ? What relationship do you want to have with Abundance ?
Do you want to cultivate it and benefit it ?


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