Since I have been interested in Tantrism, I met Tantra teacher and/or tantrika. I wish to know and share their vision of Tantrism. That’s why I decided organize interview’s session with some of them.

Today I have an appointment with Sarita.

1) What is your first name, job and location (city, region, country)?

My name is Mahasatvaa Sarita and I am a Tantra Teacher. I am Based in the UK and I am teaching in 12 countries around the world.

2) What brings you to Tantrism?

Tantra is not an ‘ism’. It is a way of life. I was initially drawn to Tantra because I was seeking the essence of life.

3) How did you meet Tantrism?

I met Osho, a Tantra Master and recognised that he was living the essence of life through his whole being. I remained in his community for 26 years and imbibed Tantra, which is the same as the essence of life.

4) What kind of tantric manners/exercices do you practice every day?

In Tantra there are hundreds of different meditation practices, which may involve breath, movement, sound, senses, emotions, touch and silence. Through years of Tantra practice, my entire life experience has become love in action and deep meditation. I live Tantra in each moment.

5) What are the benefits you feel by practising?

Vibrant aliveness, joy, love and ever expanding awareness.

6) Your website to get more information?

This article contents words describing what is or what is not a tantric massage according to my opinion. The best understanding remains the experiment. I kindly invite you to receive a tantric massage!
What are you waiting for?


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