Money has to be considered as a form of currency, a mean to evaluate and to treat yourself to a delivery service.
Money may be also a psychological brake. Let’s check together the 3 main blocks related to money  :

1. “I can’t afford it”

When we desire something while we feel that we cannot spend the money required to buy it, we use to say :” I can’t afford it”.

What are the Euros of your wallet or your purse used for  ?
To spend them, doesn’t it ? Can you afford to spend them ?
Is it not the reason why you have them ?
It is wrong to claim that you cannot afford.
This thought makes you the servant of the money.
What you want to say is in fact :” I do not think that this thing is the best purchase for me at this time.
I’d rather spend my money in a different way.”

A woman told me once:” I would like to enjoy one of your delivery services but I cannot afford.

– Excuse-me, I said, may I ask you a question ? Do you go regularly to a restaurant ?

– Certainly, she answered. At least 3 times a week, she told me.

– Great. Can you afford it ?

– Yes, she said without any hesitation.

– Then, forgive me, I said, but you should say this :” I can afford one your delivery service if I want it, but I prefer to spend my money to go to a restaurant.”

2. “I already spent so much”

Did spend money or did you trade a value for another one ?
Let’s suppose that you bought a pair of shoes for 80 Euros. The amount of 80 Euros was traded for a pair of shoes. In accounting, you just transfered 80 Euros form the column “cash flow” to the column “net worth”. The balance sheet always balances.

Another way to consider the expenses is to see them as investments. A delivery service of “Un tantra à Paris” becomes, for example, an investment on your own development.

3. “I lost so much money”

Nature always gives a measure for an equivalent measure. You may have live the experience of losing a lot of money. That kind of experience brings always the right reward. Everything we obtain in life is the result of the experience. Experience is the expression of life. Our current consciousness is the result of the experience. The  present only adds, thanks the experience, to the total amount of our consciousness.

It is time to be aware of this or theses experiences, to capitalize on these experiences, not to regret anything or to be sorry and to keep on investing.

Do you feel concerned by one of these blocks ? Did the article help you ? If yes, you are invited to leave a comment.


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