Coaching, Training & Supervision

I am eager to share my knowledge and
I provide therefore the space “Un Tantra à Paris”
as part of session of tailor-made coaching, training and supervision.


I propose to share with you my tantric experience by specific coaching session.
The sessions are taylor made and dedicated to 7 themes. One or several  will be addressed and developed:

Body sensations.

The sessions last either 60 or 90 minutes and are based upon a dialogue, some relevant questions and a sharing of my tantric knowledge (theoretical and/or practical) that allow you to develop and improve the relationship with the chosen theme and simply to feel more comfortable.



I propose to share with you my teaching by specific training session.

Cashmere Massage
Yoni ritual
Lingam ritual
Couple ritual


I propose you to give a feedback about your way of practicing by specific supervision session.

Taylor made Coaching

Durée : 60 or 90 minutes

Themes : Femininity/Virility, Body, Woman/Men, Touching, Sexuality, Emotions, Body sensationss.

Pratiques : speaking time, meditation, breathe, vizualisation, mantra, emotionmanagement

Location : wellness center, at home, public area

Price : 60,- ou 90,- Euros


18/31/10-02/11 – Michèle

"How difficult it is to write down a testimony about the days that Eric shared with me at home at the end of October… Where am I supposed to start ? It seems so easy but at the same time so dense, rich, intense, able to transform…?? First of all, there was the massage that I would describe as ... Lire la suite

2020/01/17 – Agnès

"Thank you for listening to me and for that deep conversations we had, that help me to grow by my relationship that I want with the Man." Agnès, Paris Lire la suite

2018/02/17 – Isabelle

“I wish to thank Éric for the workshop Mantra and Meditation held in Paris. Your concern coupled with all the wise words that were expressed by the practice allowed me to find the way of the inner peace, of the serenity and of wellness. Also thank you for your precious listening. Namaste, Lire la suite