Group exploration

“Our entire own rays of awareness are reflecting in each other, penetrating the individual awareness of the present beings, without any effort, in a massive flash they become universal. That’s why, when people gather together for a dance show, or a concert, etc. a deep joy occur when they give themselves to it, together, without any separation.
The consciousness that is beatitude, even seen through an individual angle, reach by these shows the state of unity, the state of perfect and plenty joy. “
Abhinavagupta, Tantraloka

You are invited to participate in a tantric group exploration : Women among Men, Women among Women, Men among Men.

You are invited to find yourself and evolve in a carely respectful free and confidential frame and to get in touch with the others.

You are invited to co-create, to surrender, to discover yourself, to contact your vulnerability and your power, to experiment.

 meditation circle,
 mantras circle,
 Tantra day,
 speficic workshop,

Feel free to be guided towards the relaxation, to learn how to meditate through movements, to let your voice sing mantras, to dance in joy, to feel and tell your emotions, to recover your body thanks to tactile and sensory explorations, to contact your environment, to come back in yourself.

Group exploration

Duration : min. 1h30

Practices : talking time, meditation & mantra, emotion management, touching Yoga

Location : wellness center, seminar’s location

Prices : from 20€

Options : résidential

Group exploration is not a form of sexual service. Nor is it a treatment exclusively devoted to ‘correcting’, or ‘improving’, or ‘treating’, one’s sexual organs.