According to me receiving a wellness massage is not an act without consequences. And more specifically with a tantric massage.
That’s why I think it would be fair to prepare yourselves with full mindness by validating 6 important points before taking a decision.

1) Expectations
The first point concerns your expectations about the massage. Is it: to quench your curiosity? To experiment? To have pleasure? To satisfy a desire? To answer a drive? To take care of yourselves? To be cured? To be touched?

2) Experience of touching
The second point concerns your experience in terms of wellness and tantric massages. Have you ever received a wellness massage ? If yes, what kind of? How did you feel before and after?
What about the tantric massage: have you ever received a tantric massage? If yes, how did you feel before and after?

3) Nudity
The third point concerns nudity. Do you feel to be nude to receive a massage on a futon on the floor?

4) Kind
The fourth point concerns the kind of the therapist. Do you feel to receive the massage by a man or by a woman? Why?

5) Area of the body
The fifth point concerns the area of body. Do you accept to get all areas of your body to be touched? If not, why?

6) Location
The sixth point concerns the location of the massage. What do you prefer: in wellness center? At home? Or in your hotel room?

At the end of these 6 simple questions, you will be likely to define by yourself the features of the massage session, to express them to the therapist and to decide with full mindness.

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