I remember very well the first tantric massage that I received. The “feminine” therapist was very kind, explained me quietly how the session would be performed, offered me grapefruits and a strange tasted tea. Afterwards I was laying down completely nude on a futon on the floor. She started to touch me. Good sensations and feelings increased step by step through the different arm movements she provided my whole body. At the end, I was literally in such an extreme state of wellness and excitation that I was therefore expecting much more from the charming “feminine” therapist. I would not have been against a sexual act with her, or a simple body-body contact. But nothing happened. Instead of those expectations, a warm towel covered my penis in erection with gentleness and her hand touched down it. My excitation vanished and the wellness state remained. Then, a kind kiss in my neck informed me that the massage was over.

The sensations are so intensive at the end of a tantric massage that the initial conditions (framework) may be easily step outside to start, for example, a sexual act. Therefore it requires from the therapist to be present, to be aligned and to be strongly conscious and having a faultless behaviour. The therapist assures the conditions of the session and is about to guide the client while experiencing his sensations (diffusion of sexual energy, orgasm,…) with a caring attitude. Indeed, it is very difficult for the client not to be caught in his sensations and so to remain aligned and in consciousness. Love is exchanged in such a deep way so that, coupled in his own sensations, confusion and misunderstanding may appear and let the client think that sexual act has to be the top of the session. It is untrue. The client experiences his journey that is initiated and guided by the therapist.

That’s why it is important to establish a framework at the beginning of the session, to feel the client sensations during the massage and to inform him clearly at the end of the session. I personnaly inform the client through a kind gesture or word and I suggest a final hug once the client and I wear our clothes again.

This article contents words describing what is or what is not a tantric massage according to my opinion. Have you ever received a tantric massage? How did you feel ? Let me know by leaving a post!


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