A few days ago, I received a request from a woman visiting Paris with her husband.
She asked me for an erotic massage. I was confused because from my point of view a tantric massage is not an erotic massage. I started then to understand her expectations and to explain her my definition of a tantric massage.

In fact, what is the difference between an erotic massage and a tantric massage ? May we consider a tantric massage as an erotic massage ?

Looking for an answer about eroticism, I found the following definitions :

– Description and exaltation of sensual love and sexuality through literature, art, cinema, etc.
– Sexual suggestion from something, somebody ; sensual love mention : eroticism of some Baudelaire’s poems.
– Psychological and physiological research of sexual attraction and arousal.

Let’s keep the first and the third parts of the definition that seem to me more appropriate according the purpose and let’s apply them to tantric massage.

“Exaltation of sensual love” by a tantric massage. A tantric massage will awake our senses and will be provided with Love. I will add that it is an invitation to self Love through senses’awakening. In that sense, a tantric massage is considered as erotic.

“Exaltation of sexuality (sexual desire)” by a tantric massage. A tantric massage may awake the sexual energy called energy of life. In that sense, a tantric massage may be considered as erotic.

“Psychological and physilogical research of sexual attraction and arousal”. Sexual attraction and arousal may naturally occur, as well as a physical orgasm. There is nevertheless no such research in a tantric massage. Excitation may occur in terms of vibration, of quivering, of distribution or even energetic orgasm through the entire body, not only the sexual organs. Sharing Love between two human beings without any intention.

In conclusion, a tantric massage implies an erotic suggestion only because our senses will be awoken as well as the life’s energy (sexual energy), and will be provided with Love.
While receiving a tantric massage, I listen to all my senses and receive the energetical wave(s) that make my body vibrate and that will be distributed in my entire body.
While offering a tantric massage, I consider it as an act of unconditional Love through an openness of my heart. I consider it as well as sensual game through awakening of the senses.

Receiving an erotic massage is to be in search of a psychological and physiological way for sexual attraction and arousal.
There is no goal for a tantric massage but receive what would happen by getting your body touched : physical or energetical arousal, rise of emotion, wellness and giving away feeling, sensualism,…

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