Sometimes, I hear some comments about the price of a Kashmiri massage : “it is too expensive !” or “it is expensive !” and rarely “it was really worthy”.

The topic is so widely broadcast that it seems to me useful to write some lines about it as well as the behaviour related to the tariff of a service delivery.

This kind of comment brings back to the almost systematic fear of being had and trying to make a good deal. It is unfortunately written into our genetic codes.
“Can you believe it ? I paid XX,- Euros for this service delivery, it is pathetic !”. And it causes emotions like anger and frustration while we created ourselves the situation.

What is a “good deal” ? What does mean to “be had” ?

“It is too expensive”

Let’s take for instance the classic comment “it is too expensive”. According to me it does not make any sense. The adjective “expensive” refers to another element and is used by comparison :
– is it more expensive than a similar delivery service that we already received ? In that case, one of these 2 delivery services was underpaid or overpaid ?
– Is it too expensive because we do not have now enough money to pay it ?
– Is it too expensive because we really want to receive the massage but we already planed to use the same amount of money for another activity ?


Let’s adopt a different point of view through the valuation. Let’s wonder :
“How many euros am I ready to place on the table, to invest for me and enjoy a delivery service of a Kashmiri massage ?”

To valuate a delivery service means to define its content as well as the amount that we are ready to pay for. We have to search for a delivery service that will be convenient for us, if it does exist.
For this, we may scale down the content, we may scale up the amount of money, we may find quickly what we are looking for. We may receive 2 convenient massages for the same amount of money.

My experience

When I decided to discover the tantric massage, I have met professional therapists in Paris and I made a short benchmarking. I received less than 10 massages, each of them different and called tantric. They took place for 90 minutes in Paris either in a Spa, or in a studio or at the therapist’s home. The tariff varied from 100,-€ to 300,-€. The market looked like this. Tantric massage exist for any taste. Among this wide range, only 2 of them suited me, in terms of content, of feeling with the therapist and the budget. They were neither the most expensive nor the cheapest.

Then it was my turn to start to sell a delivery service in Kashmiri massage. The question about the tariff arose.
First of all as Customer : “what price am I ready to pay to receive a Kashmiri massage ?”
In other words: “how many Euros do I want to invest and enjoy a convenient Kashmiri massage ?”

Secondly as Therapist : “how high do I evaluate the quality of my delivery service ?”.

Finally I took into account the fixed costs to bear like the rental of the SPA room, the consumables (oils, candles, incense, sheets…), as well as the social charges.

Then I verified whether it was right and coherent for me and I consequently defined the tariff according to my experience as customer, therapist and “accountant”.

What about you ? How much are you ready to invest for a Kashmiri massage ?

This article contents words describing what is or what is not a tantric massage according to my opinion. Have you ever received a tantric massage? How did you feel ? Let me know by leaving a post !

What are you waiting for ?


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