One of the most asked questions that I received regularly concerns the benefits of a cashmere massage. What are they?

Several and different benefits may be felt. It depends on the massage, on the client, on the atmosphere, on the therapist. Each moment of a massage is unique and the massage is described as holistic, i.e. impacting several angles (physical, emotional, mental, energetical, spiritual). Writing an encyclopedia would not be enough to describe all benefits!

First of all, I think that the client are the ones who are likely to answer better that question (see comments in Tab Testimony). I, personally, received massage regularly and I realized that relaxation and wellness occur for all angles (physical, emotional, mental, energetical, spiritual). I am also more sensitive in terms of energy flow. I feel an energetic diffusion in all my body and sometimes it causes to vibrate it internally.

Wellness & Relaxation

Wellness and relaxation are mostly described as general state after receiving a tantric massage, as any right wellness massage.

The massage is an indicator relative to the amount of accumulated tension in our body. It is a way to detect the areas with more or less tension. As one goes along, some body areas will relax. Decreasing or eliminating body tension will bring wellness and relaxation. The mental part starts to give up controlling and the senses start to wake them up. The body is therefore likely to feel better.
All the body parts are touched during a tantric massage. Some areas are not used to be touched. Consequently the feeling of awakening is more important. We are ready to enter in communion with ourselves. Emotions, desire and pleasure may occur. The most sensitive people may perceive circulation and waves of energy. Until the “cosmic” and energetical orgasm.

Then we feel alive, we feel complete, we are present at our body.

As far as I am concerned, I’d rather talk about experience in terms of energy, sensuality, Love, awareness, liberation, game. Spending time and listening ourselves leads to a magical moment.

Physical and mental restrictions

According to Eric BARET, each tantric exploration “…make the questioning of our physical and mental restrictions deeper…”. In other words, where is the farthest point we raise barriers? What are the barriers that we want to rise? According to me, the massage is a way to answer that questioning.

This article contents words describing what is or what is not a tantric massage according to my opinion. Have you ever received a tantric massage ? How did you feel ? Let me know by leaving a post !


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