Coaching for pro

Dear tantrika colleague,

I am pretty sure that you offer marvellous tantric sessions to your clients by fully involving your body and your heart. Therefore your clients must be satisfied by the high quality of your services and ask for again. Nevertheles, have you ever thought once to take care of you ? When did you receive the last high quality tantric massage ? How high have your services and your place to practice been estimated by your client ? Are you sure to be visible enough on the web ?

As professional, I ask regularly that questions to myself because I feel important to respect myself, to verify the quality of my services as well as the one of the place to practice and therefore to respect and to retain my clients. I take care of myself before taking care of the others. I regularly ask for feedbacks about my practices as well as the comfort of the place to practice. I offer high quality contents to websurfers in order to be visible on the web. What about you ?

coaching for pro

I offer to share my experience with you and to take care of you during a customized tantric session (speaking time, meditation, mantra, visualisation, breathe, emotions, touching yoga).

 to help improve the quality of your tantric pratices (meditation, massage, rituals…),
 to support you concerning the configuration of your place to practice,
 to realize your interview in video.



 comfort of the location (your practice studio, your home or in a wellness center),
 high quality performance (5 years experience in the Tantra field),
 frame “Un tantra à Paris” (no judgment, respect, freedom, confidentiality),
 freedom and exchange (we establish together the price).

Coaching session

Duration : min. 2 hours

Practices : talking time, breathe, meditation & mantra, visualisation, touching Yoga

Location : your place to pratice, wellness center, at home

Tarif : to define together

Options : improvment of your tantric pratices, help to set up your place to practice, vidéo interview