Ritual for Single & couple

Each Woman and each Man wish to flourish, to find (again) the fullness of her/his resources, to be happy and to feel fulfilled.
Each Woman and Man get the potential to achieve it and the choice about the manner.

Awake the divine essence in you, alone or in Couple thanks to thousand years tantric practices.



These rituals are a meeting between a Woman and a Man.
I offer you as Man, a caring respectful free and confidential space where the Man accompagny and support the Woman in her care and acceptance of her femineity, in her awakening to vibration, towards the beauty and the genuineness of the relationship Woman–Man.


These rituals are a meeting between two Men.
We talk and share Man to Man in a caring respectful free and confidential space.
Let’s discover how good it is to be a Man, to get in touch with our virility, to develop it and to be fully in our Yang in order to explore our Yin and therefore let the Woman benefit from it.


These rituals are a meeting between a Man and a Man and a Woman.
In a caring respectful free and confidential space, will the Man and the Woman accompagnied towards the way 1+1=3, i.e. the real way the couple. Welcome ourselves as Man and Woman before welcoming each other in a space called Couple.

Tantric ritual

Duration : 2 hours / 3 hours / 4 hours / 8 hours

Practices : touching Yoga + speaking time, breathe, meditation, mantra, visualization

Location : wellness center, home, hotel’s room

Price : from 180€ outside 1st time

Options* : 1st time

* 1st time : first meeting may occur in a public area in order to exchange verbally for free.


2019/06/27 – Eva

"The Yoni was part of the rest of my body by being touched the session. I did not feel it as dissociated from it. And there was no sexual intention by concentrating on that area of the Yoni. Moreover, magnificent vibrations passed through my whole body. There was a connection between my soul ... Lire la suite

2018/11/12 – K.

"I came to Eric to have a 2h session of touching yoga. Some of my personal aims were things such as understanding my own femininity better, as it has for long remained distant in my life. I also was searching to find a closer powerful relationship to my own body, but one that would not be fired Lire la suite

18/31/10-02/11 – Michèle

"How difficult it is to write down a testimony about the days that Eric shared with me at home at the end of October… Where am I supposed to start ? It seems so easy but at the same time so dense, rich, intense, able to transform…?? First of all, there was the massage that I would describe as ... Lire la suite

Woman, men, couple’s practice is not a form of sexual service. Nor is it a treatment exclusively devoted to ‘correcting’, or ‘improving’, or ‘treating’, one’s sexual organs.