Shamanic session

Let’s imagine that you are comfortably lying down on a futon wearing a pareo.
A sound, a beat, a vibration stream into both of your ears.
The ones of a shamanic drum that sounds and resounds in the room.
Listen to it, feel supported and start a trip towards your “wild woman” or your “Barbarian”.

You have just initiated the session called “tantric shamanic”

I have explored Shamanism for many years besides Tantra and have met with a great pleasure the shamanic drum. I enjoy to tame it and to accompagny the Women and the Men that wish to be healed thanks the beat of the sound of the drum. Sometimes my voice may join the drum by singing spontaneous songs and melodies.

I felt natural to combine the drum and the tantric massage in a particular session called “tantric chamanic massage”. It is mainly dedicated to the “wild Woman” or the “Barbarian” that summon in us and allows us to meet our untamed and animal nature, to listen to it and to allow it to be expressed in a caring, respectful, free and confidential frame. Other needs may be cleared before and settled in with the session.


The first part of the session is supported by the beat of the drum (and the sound of my voice). The second part will take place in the form of a Kashmiri massage.
The session is performed on a futon on the floor. Both protagonists (client and therapist) are nude and wear a pareo.

The performance requires a complete presence from the therapist and the client.
The combination of the vibration and the touch supported by the frame “Un tantra à Paris” enable to accompagny deeper and to intensify the benefits of the session.
That session addresses the one who already received a Cashmere massage or a drum healing session and who wish to keep on their explorations towards flowering.


Shamanic session is not a form of sexual service. Nor is it a treatment exclusively devoted to ‘correcting’, or ‘improving’, or ‘treating’, one’s sexual organs.