By observing what perception is the root cause of an emotion and what is the action from that emotion on our body, it becomes easier to master the useless and harmful reactions.

Extract from ” Nirvana Tao ” by D. ODIER


According to Tantra, it is important to welcome our emotion, to fully experience them, to contact them and to express them. After all, an emotion is an energy that elicit a reaction or a movement. It is demonstrated by the root of the word “e-motion” = energy that elicit a movement.

To block the emotion and to contain it means impair the natural movement, keep and compress that energy in our body cells. Repeating regularly that scheme leads us to accumulate them and expulse them without mastering our reaction when the last straw breaks the camel’s back.

It is therefore appropriate to be aware of our behaviour’s scheme concerning our emotions. To deal with the emotion, to experience it, to feel it and to express it. Then to remain apart from it, to observe it. And verify that an emotion may hide another one. To be aware of our injuries related to our emotions.

Until we master our wicked reactions.

When it says : “when we run after you on the battlefield, feel the scare, and the beauty of Bhairava will manifest”, it is much more to understand that we immediately identify with emotions. Then an opening occur, an availability for the emotion. You realize that you are not the emotion, that the emotion is in you. You are not scared, you feel the scare. That is the activity of Bhairava himself.
Extract from “Le seul désir, dans la nudité des Tantra” by Eric BARET

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« Tantra : how to deal with your émotions (emotional blocking) »

Listen to the french explanations of
Jean-Loup THIRY


Go on a journey listening to your emotions ! Let you guided, supported and discover the body and energetical dimension of the emotion ! How amazing it is to acknowledge the act of birth of an emotion into the body : a simple reaction related to an event or to a situation.
How right it is to touch it, to experience it, to fully feel it. And let it go.
Unwind the route of your emotions ! Observe your emotional mechanism and their daily life repetition ! Finally transform them from your heart !


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Emotion’s management is not a form of sexual service. Nor is it a treatment exclusively devoted to ‘correcting’, or ‘improving’, or ‘treating’, one’s sexual organs.