« The meditation is the deepest freedom. Because it releases you not only from the external boundaries but also from the inner slavery. It releases you from the mental part, considered as the root of the slavery. It releases you from all the past.
At that moment, you are here and now, in the Present. There is no future, there is now, now and now – an eternal now. Then you are fully free. You are released from the fear.
The meditation means the death of the mental part. If you get into meditative state, your mental part will have to disappear completely sooner or later . »


Extracts from « Le livre des secrets » by Osho.


The meditation time begins in the most comfortable position, in a closed or opened space if the weather is good. The tantric meditation’s forms have been described as active because of encouraging the movement of the body.
The most common are :

 « Tandava » by Daniel ODIER, 3 times, dance contacting the universe, light
  « Dynamic Masta » by Daniel ODIER, 3 times, dance contacting the universe, light
 « Atisha » by Sarita, 3 times of transformation, transcendantal
 « Mahamudra » by Sarita, 2 times, movement & circulation,
 « 7 Chakras » by Osho : 7 times in music, attentive

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2018/02/17 – Isabelle

“I wish to thank Éric for the workshop Mantra and Meditation held in Paris. Your concern coupled with all the wise words that were expressed by the practice allowed me to find the way of the inner peace, of the serenity and of wellness. Also thank you for your precious listening. Namaste, Lire la suite

2016/11/21 – Martial

"I have been friendly welcome and taught about the schedule of the workshop. I discovered thanks to Eric to "let go" by meditating. The muscular tensions in my shoulders as well as in my body disappeared little by little. Afterwards I felt very relaxed but I really globally realized the ... Lire la suite

Meditation’s practice is not a form of sexual service. Nor is it a treatment exclusively devoted to ‘correcting’, or ‘improving’, or ‘treating’, one’s sexual organs.