Lingam massage

« To be aware of his power, means for a man, to acknowledge his femineity. This is how a virile man will be described in tantrism : the one who kept his ability to be amazed.»

Extract from « La dimension sacrée de l’érotisme » by Daniel ODIER

Lingam massage offers you the opportunity to explore and meet external areas of your intimate part quietly.

Within the framework of the tantric rite, you are kindly invited to experience and enjoy your sensualism and your sexuality without any male or female partner.

A thoughtful and delicate touch reminds you how wonderful it is to be a Man and that you are likely to feel many and varied intimate feelings. There is nothing to reach. You take time to accept yourself as you are, to listen to you and to involve your Lingam.

Attention and presence will increase gradually and you will discover your own temple. You will respect it and you will take care of it.

Lingam massage may affect you in a very deep manner. Contained emotions may come to the surface and wake areas up that were insensitive until now.

During that journey until the roots of your Man being, you might open up to unexpected dimensions:  your male power, your desires, your wounds and your internal wisdom.

Lingam massage is a gentle, slow and delicate ode dedicated to the Man’s sacred beauty.


Warm massage oil is used and the massage is performed on a futon on the floor. Both protagonists (client and therapist) are nude, answering a call to innocence, to vulnerability and to simplicity.

The massage requires a complete body presence from the therapist, as well as a mental silence and a lack of intention and fear by touching. The hands listen to the body of the Man and answer.

Concerning the session:
client is nude, therapist is nude or wears boxers, both covered by a pareo at the beginning,
The massage is part of a tantric ritual,
each part of the Lingam is touched,
neither a sexual relationship nor masturbation will be permitted.


Lingam massage is not a form of sexual service. Nor is it a treatment exclusively devoted to ‘correcting’, or ‘improving’, or ‘treating’, one’s sexual organs.