Tantric Cashmere massage

The massage, perpetuated by the Shivaïte tradition of Kashmiri in India, is considered a way to experience that philosophy and to welcome the Vibration.

Tantric Cashmere massage is one of the four practices of the non dual way Spanda. This kind of massage has no strict or specific techniques, strokes, procedures or rules to follow. It focuses specifically on the stimulation of the marma (nerve points). The massage is sensual, enveloping, and energizing, and consists of  sweeping hand movements that connect each part of the body. The different techniques, called gliding, kneading and effleurage, are performed in a slow gentle and intuitive motion.
Each part of the body is touched, including erogenous zones.

A quivering, a vibration appears, flows through the body and bring you to relaxation, to give way. The bodies are constantly in contact, touch each other, brush each other and intertwin in order to be as One. This is Unity, a manner to experience the non-duality.

Tantric Kashmiri massage invites you to experience sensuality, dance, yoga, meditation, pleasure and awareness…



The Cashmere massage takes place on a futon using warm oil. Both protagonists (client and therapist) are nude, calling innocence, vulnerability and simplicity.

The Cashmere massage requires a complete presence from the therapist, a mental silence conducive to spontaneous movements as well as a lack of intention and fear by touching. The hands are receptive and answer naturally the body of the client.

Therefore the breastplates of the client dissolve, an instinctive and deep communication takes place and the emotions start to dance.

Concerning the session :
 follows the non dual Kashmiri Spanda way from D. ODIER,
 client is nude, therapist is nude*, xwearing a thong at the beginning of the session,
 each part of the body is touched, including erogenous zones and the external part of the Yoni (vulva) or Lingam,
 neither a sexual relationship nor masturbation will be permitted.

*Note: wearing underwear during the massage is an alternative for more modest people (thong for the client, boxers for the therapist)


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Tantric massage is not a form of sexual service. Nor is it a treatment exclusively devoted to ‘correcting’, or ‘improving’, or ‘treating’, one’s sexual organs.