“The book VijnanaBhairava Tantra describes some technics that appeal to the imagination and to the power of visualization ; the one who follows them tries to get in the interstice between two perceptions, two thougts, two moments.”

Eric Baret, « Le seul désir dans la nudité des Tantras »


The visualization allows us to developp the consciousness of our body, of our energy, of our ability to expland ourselves and to connect with our environment.

The visualization is the mental ability that we have, to represent us an object, a sound, a situation, an emotion or a sensation. According to the intensity, that representation may cause more or less the same physiological effects that would do the reality. To think about a pleasant situation brings for example the body to a real relaxing state.

The tantrikas make rarely the rituals. They imagine them, they visualize them.

tantrical principles

“They are here to make you understand that you are constantly denying the space between the thoughts, between the perceptions, that you visualize constantly your body in a kind of thickness and that you identify yourself constantly with sensations. When you are told to visualize the blue sky and to identify with, you are invited to notice that you do constantly the contrary.
Eric BARET, “Le seul désir dans la nudité des Tantras”

The awakening will be reached through a process that appeals to visualizations of deities (yidam) in their universe (mandala), with whom the practitioner identifies himself to finally realize their illusory nature.

The idea of the visualization is to experiment another body, either inner or outer. To connect our emotional feelings with a body dimension. To feel the emotions that open us the space, to feel the emotions that close us.
Daniel ODIER extraits de “Yoga tantrique”

Daniel Odier refers to a book of Matsyendranath in which he reveals 62 secret visualizations offered to Yogis who went off and meditate in the mountains of Himalaya. The colours are important, especially the blue space sky, the red blood or sun and the white moon.



The visualization time starts in the most comfortable position, in a closed space or open if the climate is convenient for. I refer to and I base on the visualization of Eric BARET et the ones of Matsyendranath via Daniel ODIER :

« The rainbow body » of Daniel ODIER,
« The ritual bath » of Daniel ODIER,
« The godess Châmundâ » of Daniel ODIER,
« Movement in meditation » of Eric Baret,
« Body sensibility » of Eric Baret

It will take place by a tantric ritual or in a group by a Tantra day or WE.


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Visualization is not a form of sexual service. Nor is it a treatment exclusively devoted to ‘correcting’, or ‘improving’, or ‘treating’, one’s sexual organs.