“How difficult it is to write down a testimony about the days that Eric shared with me at home at the end of October…
Where am I supposed to start ? It seems so easy but at the same time so dense, rich, intense, able to transform…??

First of all, there was the massage that I would describe as intense and beautiful.
It took time to integrate it and I live and deepen henceforth regularly what I learned by that moment.

Then I enjoyed the daily life, the simple, fluid and crystal clear moments that we shared. I realized the work done two weeks after.
The simplicity, the sharing, the speaking time, your presence, the meals, the walks did not disturb me at all. You were sharing my life, and however, I deepened and strenghtened my life’s choices. I have anchored myself. I understood the importance for me of nature, of natural materials in my house, of hte garden, of the fireplace, of the fire in order to develop my wellness.
Now I want to go further in that way and to share it.

I was feeling by listening to you, beyond the posture “of helping relationship”, that you may become a friend. No more in a posture teacher-disciple but as a being who shares his life experience, his tools, his knowledge by exposing to the light his own life and his vulnerability of simple human being…

I express Gratitude for that moments.”

Michèle, Vertou