“It was very easy to locate the unpleasant or painful sensations in my physical body. They were directly linked to mental tensions.

I was back again to the moral pain that smothered me the last few months. I tried first of all to push away and to repulse that pain. And when I was told to welcome it, I could not hear it.
It was like telling to someone who is smashed by a big rock to welcome your pain ! To not refuse it because she will teach.
The different scenarii that I experienced by the session, made the issue concerning the separation of my former couple that I lived get back up, as well as the difficulty in not feeling guilty, in neither letting me, nor by the other, nor by the way others or the judgment others.
And especially realize that I have to say, with words, to tell the other and myself what I want, to forgive. To forgive the misunderstandings, silence, the interpretations, the unshared, the silent violence.
To let everything dilute in the quiet water of a lake or into the night sky.
To take charge of the situation, of the choice, to breathe the freedom, to do not accept a guilty relationship. To open the double wing door.”

Françoise, Carry-le-Rouet