“I came to Eric to have a 2h session of touching yoga. Some of my personal aims were things such as understanding my own femininity better, as it has for long remained distant in my life. I also was searching to find a closer powerful relationship to my own body, but one that would not be fired by eroticism or sexual desire. Especially today in the West, it can be quite difficult to perceive one’s body without a sexual connotation involved. I felt for me for example such things had become obstacles on the way of the unity of my mind, body and spirit/soul.

Eric definitely was a very safe and understanding guide. We had never met before and we did not have much time, but yet we managed to go far and deep. It is important to point out, at least in my experience, that it is me who either goes deep or does not. Eric is there to guide, but one should his or her self be prepared and have their own inner intentions more or less clear inside them, in order to get the most out of the experience. Eric’s essence is most calming and accepting. Somehow it is almost as if he were not at all there as another person who takes his space in the room, but rather that he is just an outsider present in the distance, not intruding one’s personal space, yet all the time being reachable, supporting and caring.

I was definitely able to have one of my first experiences of understanding how my body can be connected to my mind and spirit/soul without the presence of anything that is erotic or sexual in the sense we most of the time understand those words in todays world. I also became more aware of particular tensions in my body, and was able to draw connections to childhood and where such tensions might have come from. I even believe one of the tensions began to heal after the session.

For sure I think it is recommendable to have more than one session, or to at least have a longer one, if one has the possibility for such. I really recommend Eric, because he is professional and seems like a person who is truly deep into what he is doing and how he is helping others; constantly aiming to develop his understanding more and more and meeting others as equals, respecting everyone. He surely has a lot of experience on what he is doing and his intentions are in the right place !”
K., Paris